Our Vision

Metropolitan Community Church Amarillo will be a house of God, united in our support of one another, encompassing people of all ages and diverse backgrounds, and sustaining a ministry and outreach into our community.

Mission Statement

Metropolitan Community Church Amarillo exists to minister within the LGBTQ+ community of the High Plains, serving as a beacon of God's love shining forth, faith in God, hope for justice, and acceptance in the community for all who would come as they are believing as they do.

A Place for All of God's Children...

How many times have we heard or been told that God hates homosexuality? How many times have we been reminded by Christians that if we don't change, we will go to Hell? How many times have words from the Bible been used as weapons against us?

The members of MCCA know these spiritual assaults are not God's truth. God is a loving parent who embraces each child in love, grace, and parental devotion. That is why it is the mission of MCCA to teach the true promise of God's love to all.

Come to MCCA and be a part of a Christian body that loves and accepts as Christ loved and accepted. Our motto is, "Come as you are, believing as you do." You do not need to be a member of any particular denomination or faith. You do not even have to profess a belief. We only ask that you come with an open heart and a searching soul.

Come take the walk of faith with us at the Metropolitan Community Church Amarillo.

Jesus Loves the little Children

And so do we. MCCA is committed to providing a place for worship and learning, not just for adults, but for children as well. So if you have a child or children, please do not hesitate to bring them.

At MCCA, Church is Also Fun

Too often, church is viewed as a boring stuffy place where we have to get all dressed up and be very serious. Nothing could be further from the truth at MCCA. Though we do take our worship seriously, laughs and jokes are common during our church services, and the folks at MCCA are always looking for new ways to have fun and fellowship outside of Sunday morning services.

Having been rejected or marginalized in others churches, many come to an MCC to give church "one more chance" or "a chance to enhance my life" which is what we believed church should be:

  1. A safe place to come to God just as you are;
  2. A place to come believing as you do;
  3. A place where race, gender and sexual orientation are never liabilities or secrets, but assets that contribute in a mighty and positive way to the blessings of diversity in God's creation;
  4. A place where God's unconditional love is practiced.
This is a very exciting time at MCCA. It is a time of renewal and of new beginnings. We are living in a time of spiritual expectancy -- expectancy that God is ready to do great things in us, for us, and through us. It might be that God led you to this site and is calling you to this church. If so, please come home. We are waiting to welcome you!

Our History

In the fall of 1982, a vision was born in Amarillo, Texas. A vision sparked by the desire of two women to make a public profession of their private commitment to one another. From this spark a fire was ignited in the hearts of 20 individuals. These individuals came together to share their dreams at Happy Catfish Restaurant on Sunday February 20, 1983. Out of this gathering sprang a desire to unite in fellowship. These individuals recognized the need of the gay and lesbian community to join together as a people with shared experience, strength, and faith. These vistionaries were Carol Cooley, Dannie Duckworth, and Lynn Gibson. On March 13, 1983, Reverend Bill Coulter conducted the first worship service of this group that would grow into a congregation known as MCC Amarillo.

These faithful servants came together wherever they could to share their faith, strength and hope with one another. They opened their hearts and their homes for worship and fellowship. In May of 1983, this group was recognized by the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches as a Study Group. This was an important step in becoming a community of believers with a shared mission, experience, and vision. The first services were held in an upstairs studio apartment that had to be reached passing through Dannie's father's apartment.

After many months of wandering from place to place this group expanded their vision to include a permanent place of worship. They found this in a space rented to them by the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in September of 1983. On September 11, 1983, the first worship service was conducted at 4901 Cornell. For seven months they congregated at this location and enjoyed the fruits of worship. However, this group found themselves with a growing need for a permanent place they could call their own, a place where activities could be designed to meet the needs of the congregation and community. Mr. Don Dilley recognized his ability to facilitate the continuation of the vision and purchased the property at 2123 S Polk. He then donated this space to these dreamers and the dedication service was conducted on April 29, 1984.

Reverend Bill Coulter had been with the group from its beginning and had carried them through many important firsts, but the time came when he felt called to move on. In May of 1984, Reverend Coulter resigned as pastor of MCC Amarillo and assumed a Pastorate in Florida.

During this time of transition the individuals at MCC Amarillo found themselves in a position of learning and growing and accepting new challenges. In the quest to keep the vision alive they were blessed with Reverend Ruby Grammer. In August of 1984, Reverend Grammer was unanimously elected as the new pastor of MCC Amarillo. She accepted the change of scenery as she relocated to Amarillo from Los Angeles, California in October 1984. On October 7, 1984, Reverend Grammer was officially installed as Senior pastor of MCC Amarillo.

The congregation of MCC Amarillo continued to grow and flourish under the direction of Reverend Grammer. On June 28, 1985, this young congregation received its Mission Status from UFMCC. After two years of dedicated and diligent service, Reverend Grammer and the Board felt that their time together was complete. In October of 1986, Reverend Ruby Grammer resigned as pastor of MCC Amarillo and moved to Houston to continue her ministry.

Over the years MCCA has seen changes in pastors, membership, political climate, and more; through it all, MCCA has remained a lighthouse in the LGBTQ+ community to share the love of God with each other and our community.