You Won't Have to Hide Who You Are to Worship With Us

All are welcome at our LGBTQ-friendly church in Amarillo, TX

Maybe you've attended churches that forced you back into the closet or told you that God wouldn't love you unless you repented of your "sin." You won't feel less-than when you visit Metropolitan Community Church Amarillo.

Our LGBTQ-friendly church is a house of God, where everyone can worship regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, age or background. Join us this Sunday in Amarillo, TX to worship God with folks who will love and accept you - just as you are.

Seeking love, truths and justice

Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) is an international denomination that was founded by a gay pastor in 1968. MCC has been ministering to the LGBTQ community for over 50 years, making it a safe place for queer folks from all faith backgrounds to learn about God.

At Metropolitan Community Church Amarillo, you'll encounter...

Folks who share your sexual orientation or gender identity

Diverse opinions, expressions and viewpoints

God's love in a heartwarming way

Visit our LGBTQ-friendly church in Amarillo, TX this Sunday to experience the life-changing power of community.